Investor Relations

In October 2021, eFinance successfully listed its shares on the Egyptian Exchange (EGX), marking a new chapter in the Group's growth story. In what was the largest Egyptian listing in recent history, eFinance's institutional and retail offerings were 6.8 and 61.4 times oversubscribed, respectively, underlining the Group's unique value proposition: eFinance's extensive network of subsidiaries unites a one-of-a-kind network architecture that provides seamless processing for billions of transactions. eFinance has established a powerful platform for the generation of sustainable growth by taking the lead in Egypt's efforts to develop a cashless, digitally enabled economy, pioneering digitization in activities from banking and taxation to utility and retail transactions, to customs collection and card management. The Group offers exposure to an unrivaled diversity of dynamic segments of Egypt's rapidly growing digital space.

eFinance's strategy aims to capitalize on the strong fundamentals of Egypt's economy and on the dynamism of its booming digital ecosystem, which has consistently enjoyed strong growth since the Group's inception. As the global 'tech-celeration' sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic gains steam, eFinance is well-positioned to absorb the climbing demand for digital services by providing differentiated channels and platforms that allow governments, businesses, and individuals to execute payments and collections through convenient and easy-to-use mediums. eFinance will also capitalize on its new status as a listed company to continue investing in digital payments infrastructure, value-added services, smart solutions, and new digital propositions. Furthermore, by utilizing the Group's innovative platforms and solutions across its subsidiaries, eFinance will continue to drive Egypt's overarching financial inclusion and digitization strategy.

Group Performance Highlights