EFIG Giving Back!

ESG is a self-policing business concept that aids EFIG in becoming socially accountable to the public, its stakeholders, and itself because there is nothing better than giving back and being aware of the kind of impact the Group has on all facets of society including environmental, social, & governance.

A Way Towards a Sustainable Future

As a pioneer of digital transformation and an enabler of financial inclusion, eFinance is cognizant of the key role it plays in supporting the country’s development and sustainability agenda, Egypt Vision 2030. The Group also aims to accelerate economic and social development nationwide through equitable, mindful, and sustainable business practices that align with and deliver on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In 2022, The Group created a framework for its ESG practice across direct social investment, environmental practices & governance

Our Direct Social Investment Model

For communities and economies to be sustainable and achieve long-term prosperity, there must be a collective effort from individuals, businesses, organizations, and governments to deliver on this goal. At EFIG, our ability to foster positive social and economic outcomes is guided by our direct social investment model, which focuses on empowering people and communities through meaningful initiatives.

In this endeavor, we have engaged with multiple organizations to tailor and deliver projects and initiatives that have a positive impact on the livelihoods of the people across our communities. Our efforts are aligned ability to foster positive social and economic outcomes is guided by our direct social investment model, which focuses on empowering people and communities through meaningful initiatives. with Egypt’s national sustainability and development agenda, Egypt Vision 2030, as well the UN SDGs, to ensure that we are guided by best practices when it comes to paving the path for a more sustainable future.  


Infrastructure Development

Aiming to improve the quality of life of Egyptian citizens and provide a decent life, EFIG has taken on developing and rehabilitating remote villages in different Egyptian governorates by reconstructing and furnishing the most eligible families' houses.



EFIG believes that every individual has a right to access basic healthcare services. Cooperating with several foundations, The group brought several medical convoys to some of the rural villages that lack medical attention and health insurance access.



Because everyone deserves a chance to learn; grants & scholarship programs were started for technical and technological university students to graduate new generations with technical skills to keep pace with an industrial world.


Employee Engagement

Giving back to society is what brings people together, and EFIG's family involvement makes it even better. From Ramadan Iftars and blanket distribution to visits to children's hospitals and gift-giving, employees share every step with EFIG along the way.


Women Empowerment

Believing in gender equality, and inline with SDG number 5, The Group supports the idea of women having their own source of income and thus providing several sustainability centers in different Egyptian governorates for rural women to benefit from.


Economic Empowerment

The Group has always been keen on supporting small projects and providing the means to help in growing these projects, providing the tools, equipping fishing boats with nets, engines and various fishing supplies for fishermen to ensure a continuous stream of income.



EFIG takes the environmental aspects of every project into consideration, the work it has done for the ministry of finance was its first step, and since then, The Group has taken its cashless, paperless approach to a whole new level, digitizing every possible process. EFIG has played a pivotal role in the National initiative Go Green as well, reducing carbon emissions and environmental pollution one car at a time, putting climate change into thought every step of the way.