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Egypt's 1st fin-tech platform & a leading developer of digital payment infrastructures

The Group controls five primary subsidiaries and holds stakes in a variety of ancillary investments. eFinance's flagship subsidiary is eFinance for Digital Operations, which processes the Egyptian government's G2G, G2B, and G2C payments, most of its collections, and other networks using end-to-end digital solutions, while offering financial cloud hosting services. eKhales, eFinance's retail-focused subsidiary, provides merchants with a central bill-processing service through its network of more than 326 thousand POS machines, in addition to a host of value-added digital solutions. Meanwhile, eCards is Egypt's largest producer of smart cards and offers a host of data management and e-KYC solutions for financial and nonfinancial clients across the public and private sectors. eFinance's e-commerce subsidiary eAswaaq is a digital purchasing platform providing marketplace management and other solutions to more than 300 thousand merchants specializing in agriculture, commerce, industry, and tourism. Additionally, the Group owns enable, one of Egypt's leading providers of business process outsourcing (BPO) services, with a client book encompassing Egyptian and international entities across ten different sectors.

Shareholders Structure

Shareholders Structure

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eFinance's ancillary investments include such nationally significant ventures as eTax and eHealth. eTax provides services for the management, operation, and development of Egypt's electronic tax system, while eHealth provides health technology services to Egypt's Universal Health Insurance System and offers a range of specialized services to players in the Egyptian healthcare sector. Other investments include entities operating trade and transport logistics platforms, a platform for electronic utility payments, providers of consulting advisory, and digitization services.

eFinance's Strategy

Aims to capitalize on the strong fundamentals of Egypt's economy and on the dynamism of its booming digital ecosystem, which has consistently enjoyed strong growth since the Group's inception. As the global 'tech-celeration' sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic gains steam, eFinance is well-positioned to absorb the climbing demand for digital services by providing differentiated channels and platforms that allow governments, businesses, and individuals to execute payments and collections through convenient and easy-to-use mediums. eFinance will also capitalize on its new status as a listed company to continue investing in digital payments infrastructure, value-added services, smart solutions, and new digital propositions. Furthermore, by utilizing the Group's innovative platforms and solutions across its subsidiaries, eFinance will continue to drive Egypt's overarching financial inclusion and digitization strategy, Egypt Vision 2030.

eFinance's success year after year is anchored by an exceptional and highly qualified team of executives and professionals, who have consistently proven their ability to push the Group to remain ahead of the market, generate synergies at every link of the digital payments value chain, and capitalize on eFinance ubiquitous presence across Egypt's digital space and as its exclusivity in the government's financial network.