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Egypt's 1st fintech platform & a leading

developer of digital payment infrastructures


The Group controls five primary subsidiaries and holds stakes in a variety of ancillary investments.

eFinance’s flagship subsidiary, eFinance for Digital Operations, is responsible for processing all of the Egyptian government’s G2G, G2B, and G2C payments and 70% of its collections using end-to-end digital solutions, while offering financial cloud hosting services. 

eKhales, eFinance’s retail-focused subsidiary, has a network of over 470K POS machines, through which it provides merchants with a central bill-processing service, as well as numerous value-added digital solutions.

eCards, Egypt’s leading producer of smart cards and offers a host of data management and KYC onboarding solutions for financial and non-financial clients across the public and private sectors.

eAswaaq, eFinance’s e-commerce subsidiary, is a digital purchasing platform that provides marketplace management and other solutions to over 300K merchants specializing in agriculture, commerce, industry, and tourism.

eNable, one of Egypt’s largest providers of business process outsourcing (BPO) services, serving a client book comprising Egyptian and international entities across 10 different sectors by leveraging three different state-of-the-art centers.


Shareholders Structure

Shareholders Structure

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Our Strategic Investments

As part of its strategic role as the Egyptian government’s digital transformation arm, eFinance has been chosen to play a significant role in the establishment of nationally significant ventures, such as eTax and eHealth. eTax provides services for the management, operation, and development of Egypt’s electronic tax system, while eHealth offers health technology services to Egypt’s Universal Health Insurance System and extends a selection of specialized services to players in the Egyptian healthcare sector. Additional investments include entities operating trade and transport logistics platforms, a platform for electronic utility payments, and providers of consulting, advisory, and digitization services. Finally, the Group has investments that focus on unlocking value from promising and fast-growing early-stage ventures, including a venture capital fund focused on investing in early- and growth-stage companies, as well as an up-and-coming digital banking start-up

Our Core Value Proposition

eFinance’s offering covers the full scale of the digital payments value chain and is further enhanced by an arsenal of value-added services, providing the Group with key competitive advantages that serve as a barrier to entry in its markets.

The Group has been able to consolidate its offering into a unique multi-service platform that has unlocked synergies and cross-selling opportunities across its operations, ultimately enhancing its ability to capture greater market share, deepen its presence, and grow its impact on Egypt’s digital economy across a wide-variety of sectors.