The Group’s core subsidiary, eFinance for Digital Operations, provides a suite of digital payments solutions that powers the Government of Egypt’s comprehensive financial network, with the company functioning as the Government’s exclusive provider of digital payments and collection services and operating the Government’s financial network.

 Distant Tier + Data Centers The most advanced IT Infrastructure
On-site Support Offices
+ Technical support agents
+ Employees


The Group’s operations are complemented by a comprehensive suite of smart solutions for identity management, marketed under the eCards brand. eCards is the leading producer of smart cards in Egypt with an expanding presence in Africa, building, managing and operating card solutions with a variety of applications for banking and non-financial institutions across the public and private sectors.

+K Smart payments
per hour
K Daily production capacity
+ Partners In African Countries


eAswaaq Misr is the Group’s latest venture in the e-commerce space – a digital purchasing platform with more than 300 thousand merchants specializing in agriculture, commerce, industry, and tourism. Through eAswaaq, the Group works to develop digital marketplaces that seamlessly connect buyers and sellers and stimulate demand for Egyptian products.

One Stop Shop for e-Commerce
in Egypt
+ Marketplaces and expanding
 Key Strategic Pillars eCommerce, eTourism, eSaving, eLending


enable is the Group’s business process outsourcing (BPO) arm and is the preferred service provider for a broad range of Egyptian and global entities, offering solutions from HR and IT outsourcing to full contact center services and fielding more than 1.5 million calls per month.

+ MN Calls monthly
+ MN Served customers
+ Seats
Active premises


Khales is the largest ecosystem of bill aggregators in Egypt, providing a central bill processing hub (an aggregator of aggregators) for 13 partners through a network of more than 326 thousand POS machines in addition to its digital channels including a mobile app and a digital bill payments portal, making eFinance a leader in Egypt’s thriving digital consumer segment.

+K POS machines
+MN Transactions (Aggregate)