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eFinance for digital operations is eFinance Investment Group's flagship subsidiary which utilizes a fully integrated system of end-to-end payment infrastructures to develop and operate financial networks and to provide government, businesses, and consumers with a broad and innovative suite of digital products. 

eFinance for Digital Operations' remit encompasses G2G, G2B, G2C, B2B, and B2B2C transactions. the subsidiary offers a modern technological infrastructure providing strong encryption and maximum security for the support of e-payment systems, through a network of platforms guaranteeing business continuity.

End to end e-payments infrastructure
& Cloud Services Platform
Operational support services across 27 governorates
Government transactions processed

Through eKhales, the group has successfully tapped into Egypt's thriving retail space, enabling users to execute all manner of bill payments, and creating value for a wide range of merchant partners Enabled by a comprehensive network of POS terminals through its wide and its interoperable digital wallet platforms.

eKhales has successfully established itself as Egypt's leading bill aggregator and the primary bill hub for a variety of retail payments, utilities, education, entertainment, and government services. eKhales is now transitioning to an omnichannel model of merchant acquisition.

POS Network
Transactions Aggregated

eCards is Egypt’s governmental cards market leader providing End-to-End Integrated Solutions, being the leading personalization center in Africa with manufacturing, management, and processing of millions of transactions yearly for Meeza, VISA, and Mastercard.

eCards develop and provide a wide range of Smart solutions and innovations such as smart transportation solutions, Utility Cards, Digital identity solutions & eKYC secure processes, Smart access control gates, and e-ticketing platforms.

Cards Issued To Date
Cards Managed To Date
Partners in Africa

eAswaaq is building Egypt's flagship B2B & B2C marketplace. The subsidiary establishes, manages, and operates platforms that digitize business processes through a wide array of end-to-end solutions connecting buyers and sellers while providing added-value services including financial and logistical services.

The subsidiary's unique solutions transform traditional supply chains into digital spaces that capitalize on the benefits of e-commerce to enhance the commercial value chain and drive growth and sustainability in Egypt's key economic sectors.

Stop Shop
for e-Commerce in Egypt
+ Marketplaces
and expanding
Specialized Services
eCommerce, eTourism, eLending, Log-Tech & Agri-Tech

Leading business processing outsourcing service provider, offering integrated telecom and contact center solutions. Providing human resource outsourcing, information technology outsourcing, and 24/7 contact center services to clients.

enable leverages the Group's wide footprint and a deep understanding of the customer journey across a broad spectrum of sectors and industries to provide a differentiated range of solutions. The subsidiary enjoys a strong presence within both the public and private sectors and served clients from 10 distinct sectors.

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